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Do you have a problem with registration or log-in?

04-09-2010 14:39

¡Y I do not know my password.

    Your password has been sent to your Email, so check your Email.
    There will be your temporary password.
    After logging in with the one, you can change it in User Info.

 ¡Y I did not get the registration Email.

   Check, if the Email filtered as spam.
   If you still can not find it, please contact us by

   We will happily help you.
   (ID, Name, Nationality are needed)

 ¡Y My account disappeared!

  If an account has not been logged in within the next seven days after registration, it will be deleted.

  Please register again!
  It is available to use your ID and Email which you have used before.

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WBaduk Ranking
WBaduk Ranking
1 zxc0962 7D★ RP : 320,020
2 djjdfkfklf 7D★ RP : 35,999
3 ningjian98 7D★ RP : 35,950
4 dadalao 7D★ RP : 35,950
5 leia1919 7D★ RP : 35,950
6 dsxr 7D★ RP : 35,950
7 fiekdikwe 7D★ RP : 35,950
8 kbslsh 7D★ RP : 35,950
9 j6846 7D★ RP : 35,950
10 csnow 7D★ RP : 35,950
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