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Jeong Choi won the Senko Cup Women's Go Championship for the first time

Lee, Semi / 2023-03-15

‘Baduk(Go) Empress’, Jeong Choi (27) added another world championship cup to her career. In the final match of the 5th Women’s World Go Championship held at the Kaiye Hotel in Tokyo on the 5th, she beat Zhou Hongyu (21) 6D from China to win the championship.

Ms. Zhou showed her performance as the No.2 player of the Chinese women’s rankings, but Ms. Choi neatly maintained the center and cut out the Black at the bottom right corner, winning after a constant and fierce attack.

Ms. Choi said, “It made me comfortable that the opening I studied before came out in the beginning. It was surprisingly comfortable to play the game today. As I had been really desperate to win the Senko Cup, I am really happy to be able to entertain my fans with this victory”.

Unlike Jeong Choi, who won a total of seven women’s individual competitions in the world, she had never taken the championship in the Senko Cup before, but she overcame the jinx this time.

Jeong Choi’s total number of national and international titles has increased to 26, and she has maintained her position as the No. 1 of the national woman ranker for 112 months.

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