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Baduk circle pleased by the "The Glory" craze

Lee, Semi / 2023-04-25

Baduk (Go) circle, which had been suffering from a slump as decreasing attention of the younger generation, is smiling thanks to the success of "The Glory".
The 2030 generation and women who watched "The Glory" are interested in Baduk and experience it firsthand.

The Netflix series, "The Glory" still boasts high popularity even a month after Part 2 was released on March 10.
With the success of the series, Baduk is also drawing keen attention from the public.
An official from Korea Baduk Association said, "Young people and women called the MZ generation are showing high interest in Baduk now.", adding, "This popularity is different from the AlphaGo craze in 2015. At that time, due to the nature of artificial intelligence (AI), it was usually popular with parents who were interested in their children's education."
He added, "However, the younger generation is actively joining the Baduk clubs and trying to enjoy it now."

In fact, around 200 members have jointed the Korean Women Baduk Federation (KWBF), an organization representing Korean amateur women's Baduk, since "The Glory" was aired.
Kwang-soon Lee, chairman of KWBF, said, "I have never seen such public attention since I have worked in KWBF for 220 years.", adding, "Women in 30s and 40s are very eager to learn Baduk, even joining the federation."  

As more women want to enjoy Baduk, the creation of competitions for female amateurs is also increasing. 
Moreover, the number of members of the Baduk club at universities has increased sharply. After the broadcast of "The Glory", the number of members of Baduk clubs at 20 universities across the country, including Seoul National University, Korea University, and Ewha Womans University, increased by 339.

An official from the Baduk community said, "How to continue the current opportunity is the most important point. We need continuous events so that the younger generation and women who have not been very interested in Baduk can keep their attention.", adding, "We need to put our heads together for the common goal."

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