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Summer Baduk Camp held by Baduk middle&high school

Lee, Semi / 2023-06-22

[Summer Baduk camp set up by Badukmiddle&high school]


The '2023Summer Baduk(Go) Camp' hosted by Korean Baduk middle&high School will beheld for four days from July 25 to 28. The camp, which the purpose is to fosterkids of Baduk and finding out gifted children, will be held for national studentsaged 10 to 19.

The campconsists of a variety of programs. Starting with the exchange match of mixedteams by region, brain stretching, local culture tour and Baduk Hanmaeum SportsCompetition will be held.

A schoolofficial preparing for the camp said, "We have planned this summer Badukcamp program for the regional exchange and revitalizing of Baduk public education.”

The registration is available for every student who can play Baduk. The recruitment period is by the 23rd ofthis month. Applicantsshould fill out the application form for the 'Korean Baduk Middle&HighSchool Summer Baduk Camp' posted on the website of the Korea BadukFederation(KBF), Korea Baduk Association(KBA), and Korean Baduk Middle&HighSchool, and submit it by e-mail.

Participants will stay in two dormitories in Korean Baduk Middle&HighSchools, eat at school cafeteria, and get the the best learning facilitiesservices such as Baduk Artificial Intelligence Room, Special Great Room, and AICreative Convergence Room.

For your information, Korean Baduk Middle&High School has been promotingvarious educational programs and projects such as international exchangeexhibition, acquisition of Baduk instructor certificate, and donation of Baduktalent for students.

Gil-gon Kim, the head of the Korean Baduk Middle&High School,said, "I believe this camp will be a good time for the Baduk people tobecome one, and hope there will be a lot of development in Baduk publiceducation."

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