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European Go Congress 2024 held in Toulouse in France

The largest number of participants ever expected as holding at the same time as Paris Olympics

Lee, Semi / 2023-12-15

The most traditional European international Baduk (=Go) festival, European Go Congress (EGC), which has its 66th anniversary next year, will be held in Toulouse in France from July 26th to August 10th.

EGC is the world's largest international Baduk competition held for about two weeks, with nearly 1,000 participants from all over the world every year.
In particular, next year's EGC will be held at the same time as Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, so it is expected to be the largest number of participants ever, with more than 1,500 participants.

Mr. Jean-Yves Papazoglou, the director of French Go Federation (=Federation Francaise de Go) who has organized EGC 2024, also serves as vice-president of European Go Federation, which represents the European Baduk communities.
He has visited 'Korea Prime Minister Cup International Baduk Championship' held in Korea several times recently, and built a friendly relationship with Korea Baduk Federation (KBF).

KBF sends its representative delegation for EGCs every year and promotes international exchanges with both organizations. At EGC 2023, Mr. In-su RYU, one of the KBF representative participants, won the main tournament.

EGC is a world-wide Baduk festival for everyone to enjoy not only the main tournament, but also a number of special types of Baduk and events which event beginners can enjoy. Even if the participants have different languages to communicate, they can enjoy the competition through the common language, Baduk.

EGC has already been accepting registrations since this year, and also operating the early-bird registration system: the sooner registration, the cheaper participation fee.
If you are interested in Baduk players from overseas countries, EGC 2024 will be the biggest opportunity to meet them.

You can register on the EGC 2024 official website below, and even some languages service except English (French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean) is also provided, so those who are not familiar with English can easily check it out.

https://egc2024.org/en/registration.html (Registration: English)
https://egc2024.org/kr/index.html (Official website: Korean)
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